The story of Velveux

Skincare brand with a message

In this fast-growing, digitalized world, we are inundated every day by the apparent "perfection" that social media presents to us. But we often forget that what we see online is only a small part of reality. These unrealistic images have led to unconscious insecurity - are we doubting ourselves? Are we good enough?

Research shows that a large part of the population has to deal with these feelings, which leads to insecurity and depression. At Velveux we believe that happiness and true beauty go beyond appearances. True beauty is found in a person's radiant energy, in their positivity and happiness. It is that inner strength that really shines, that creates real perfection and beauty.

Natural Glow

What struck us was that no skincare brand highlighted this valuable message. Time for change. Velveux was created to give you this message, to help you discover your "natural Glow" (as we call it at Velveux).

Our products and skincare routines are based on this profound philosophy. They are not only designed to tackle skin problems and transform your skin into smooth, soft, radiant skin, but above all to make you aware of your inner energy that brings out your outer aura.

Velveux in short:

High-quality, vegan and sustainable

And that is not all. At Velveux we not only want to help you discover your natural Glow, but we also want to contribute to a healthier planet:

🌿 Vegan: Our products are completely vegan, which means they contain no animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

🍃 Organic, Natural Ingredients: We use only organic, natural ingredients of the highest quality, so your skin gets only the best.

💧 Free from Synthetic Substances: Our products do not contain synthetic substances, parabens, sulfate, PEG, petrolatum, preservatives, petroleum, derivatives, silicone, paraffin, or artificial colorings. We believe in purity and simplicity.

🌍 Environmentally conscious: We cherish our beautiful planet and strive to protect it. That is why all our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

50,000 customers helped

At Velveux it's all about discovering your natural inner Glow and radiating your true beauty, because real beauty comes from within.

Our skin care is suitable for all skin types and ages, with real results. We have helped over 50,000 customers with their skin problems and offer a money back guarantee. With our 365 day trial period you can return it for free if it doesn't work for you.

Skincare routines for your skin problems!

At Velveux we understand that it can be difficult to determine what exactly your skin needs among the many skincare brands. There is a good chance that you can no longer see the forest for all the trees. That is why we have developed specific routines for different skin problems. No more confusion, just effective tailor-made skincare.




For every skin type and age