Velveux® Daily 4-step routine - Velveux - 8720618457400 - Vegan en Natuurlijke skincare routine's

Do you know the power of, for example, Tea tree and Aloe vera? We are happy to tell you more about it! Enter the world of natural skin care and...


Natuurlijke ingrediënten voor specifieke huidtypen - Velveux

Natural ingredients for specific skin types

Do you know the power of, for example, Tea tree and Aloe vera? We are happy to tell you more about it! Enter the world...

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Wat zijn antioxidanten? En waarom zijn ze belangrijk? - Velveux

What Are Antioxidants? And why are they important?

Glowing, healthy skin starts from within. Antioxidants, these little powerhouses, play a vital role in maintaining a youthful appearance and protecting our skin from free...

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De Eeuwige Glow: 3 essentiële verzorgingstips voor de rijpe huid - Velveux

The Eternal Glow: 3 essential care tips for mature skin

"Change is the only constant": everything changes over time, including our skin. Over the years, our skin needs special attention and care to maintain its...

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5 belangrijke trends binnen natuurlijke & vegan huidverzorging - Velveux

5 important trends in natural & vegan skincare

There are many developments in the field of natural skincare and vegan products. We applaud this! More and more people are becoming acquainted with the...

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Dierproefvrije huidverzorging: waarom is dit belangrijk & wat zijn de opties? - Velveux

Cruelty-free skin care: why is this important & what are the options?

Since the advent of our modern skin care, a lot has been tested on animals. In the early years this was seen as the only...

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Starten met vegan huidverzorging, waar begin ik? - Velveux

Starting with vegan skincare, where do I start?

Are you curious about vegan skin care? And would you like to start a vegan skincare routine? Then read on quickly!

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4 redenen voor een vegan skincare routine - Velveux

4 reasons for a vegan skincare routine

Your skin is your business card: for yourself and for your environment. Healthy and radiant skin provides more self-confidence and a good feeling. This is...

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4 redenen voor gezonde selfcare routines - Velveux

4 reasons for healthy self-care routines

''If you take good care of yourself, you can take good care of others'': a statement you've probably heard, but do you also put it...

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5 leuke Moederdag cadeau tips - Velveux

5 nice Mother's Day gift tips

Mother's Day is a day to put your mother in the spotlight. A mother can be your own mother, but of course also a bonus...

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