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  • You use all kinds of products for your skin without knowing how they work.
  • Due to the abundance of skincare brands, you can no longer see the forest for the trees.
  • You've tried different brands for your skin problems, but nothing seems to help
  • You use unnatural skincare and you are not sure whether the ingredients are safe for your skin and good for the environment.
  • You have been unsure for a long time about what the right routine is and don't really know how to start.

good news, read on 👉

With more than 50,000 satisfied customers and more than 1,000 online reviews, we are the fastest growing skincare brand, mainly aimed at mothers and people aged 35/45/55/65+. Our goal is to offer every woman a quality skincare routine at an affordable price, including the correct explanation and information per product. Be the first to read the e-book we sent to your email. In the near future we will offer you as much value and knowledge as possible, so that you can keep your precious skin young ❤️.

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50,000+ customers were already there before you!

100+ reviews


I have been working in cosmetics for 25 years with all the major brands, I know them all!!
But this is something special…
My skin is glowing people ask what I did hahaha

So super satisfied ❤️🥰


The combination of first cleaning your face with oil and then with foam is ideal. Your skin feels clean but not tight. Then spray it, let it dry for a while and then treat it wonderfully with rose oil (a few drops). I'm a big fan of 55


Lovely this rose oil, after using it twice, my skin felt softer and much less dry. I am very satisfied!


Great service. Order and delivery went very smoothly. Delivered even earlier than the promised delivery time. And rose oil is a real miracle oil.


I have the oil and the eye cream and I like both very well. I had dry flaky skin, but a week later that is completely different. I am absolutely happy


The 4-step plan was well received and has now been used for over 1 1/2 weeks. Makes your skin soft, cared for and clean. Normally, after rinsing with water after products, I am left with tight, dry skin, but not at all with Velveux products. Super nice.


I ordered the facial oil because of my dry and dull skin. Works very well, I now no longer have dry spots on my face.


Was a little septic about step 1, oil to clean your skin with.
Have been using the 4 steps for a month now and am very satisfied. Skin becomes clean but feels wonderful after step 4. I get compliments on the glow of my skin.

Words in a video:

Meet Corien:

Corien is 53 years old and has no less than... 25 years of experience in skincare! After trying out Velveux once, she was completely sold: "I have worked with the biggest brands but this is something unique. I wouldn't want anything else."

Meet Sylvia

Nice surprise for us, Bn'er and bachelorette 2023 Sylvia Geersen had placed an order at Velveux and shared this out of the blue on her Instagram story: "This is a 4-step plan and it will make your skin completely glow. This is not an advertisement, I just bought it. 10 years younger... at least I think"

Meet Vanessa:

Vanessa is 42 years old and looks 30: "I ordered the rose oil and I was completely sold, it smells wonderful and it contains rose buds. I am now on my 4th bottle and I really enjoy using it. My skin is soft. and get a nice glow"

Natuurlijke en Vegan Skincare Merk
Meet Carla:

Carla is 67 years old and has mature skin: "I was a bit skeptical whether it would work for my mature skin, but after a few months of use I am completely convinced!"

Meet Margo:

Margo is 22 years old and came across us through her friend: "I really like the products and definitely recommend them to others because they are vegan"

Meet Lisanne:

Lisanne is 22 years old and came into contact with us through her friend: "Since I started using the daily 4, I noticed that my skin has become much clearer, I have fewer impurities and my skin is more radiant."