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4 natural tips against a tired look

Do you recognize the annoying feeling that you are not fully rested, you feel tired and that someone even asks; hey, are you okay?

You don't want this, we understand that all too well. Fortunately, there are options to combat a tired appearance. In a natural way, so that you feel good and confident again.

In this blog we give you 4 natural tips against a tired look. This way you can shine at your best every day!

Eye masks with collagen

Do you ever use a face mask? Delicious huh! Did you know that there are also handy masks for the skin around your eyes? These reduce puffiness, dull skin and therefore a tired appearance.

When choosing a suitable eye mask, pay attention to whether it contains collagen. Collagen provides more firmness to your skin and better elasticity. It is therefore seen as a good fighter against a tired appearance.

Curious about our natural eye masks? Check out our24K Gold Collagen eye masks .

Find the cooling

This is perhaps the simplest tip to cure a tired look.
In the morning, rinse your face with cold water a few times. This can be done in the shower, but also at the sink with a washcloth or cotton wool. The cold water provides a healthy kick for your skin and you immediately feel awake.

Do you have more time? Then apply a face mask and place two slices of cucumber on your eyes. The coolness provides a fresh effect on the skin around your eyes.

Stimulate blood flow

Good blood circulation is important for the health of your skin. This ensures a natural glow and tighter skin.

You can apply this tip yourself by gently massaging your face with your fingertips. This can possibly be combined with a natural serum, which often offers additional benefits, such as a calming and protective effect.

What provides an extra positive effect is a Jaderoller . This roller improves blood circulation and helps to remove waste and excess moisture faster. This appears to be an effective way to reduce puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

Less blue light

Do you often watch Netflix in the evening? Guilty!
We all do it, while we really know that it's not good for our night's sleep.

So we emphasize once again the value of a good night's sleep and proper relaxation. Go for a walk or exercise, read a book or organize a game night with friends.

A lot of blue light before we go to sleep disrupts our biological clock and prevents the production of our sleep hormone. As a result, you can fall asleep less quickly and are therefore more likely to look tired.

In addition, your eyes remain active while scrolling and want to record all the information; this has a tiring effect on your eyes.

So try to improve your night's sleep by reducing blue light in the evening and giving yourself and your eyes a rest.

With these tips you say goodbye to a tired look and you can get back to it!

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