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5 tips to get more energy this year

The new year is in full swing again; everyone is busy with new goals, good intentions and everyday activities. Doing this every day takes energy. Do you ever have the idea; where does he or she get all that energy from?

You get energy from sleep, healthy food and doing things you enjoy.
But how do you make sure you don't get exhausted and have plenty of energy this year?
In this blog we give you 5 tips on how you can get more energy this year and thus achieve your goals.


You've probably read and heard this before; being outside is good for you!

When you are outside, you are often on the move; sports, running or walking. All these things in combination with the fresh air and nature provide energy and a mood boost.

In addition, the daylight, which you get when you are outside, has a positive influence on your happiness hormone and stress hormone cortisol, among other things. Cortisol helps you stay awake and be productive. Cortisol also ensures that your sleep hormone is suppressed; the more this is overprinted during the day, the more it is released in the evening.
In other words, daylight ensures that you have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.

Other benefits of getting some fresh air?
You become sharper and more creative, who wouldn't want that.

Less screen time = better sleep

Nowadays our lives are increasingly tied to screens, just think of your telephone, laptop and television. Although this is partly for your work and therefore necessary, a lot of screen time is not good for your sleep, energy and therefore yourself.

The blue light emitted by digital screens disrupts your biological rhythm and the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This makes it harder for you to sleep and your sleep is less deep.

So in the new year, choose to reduce your screen time and thus increase your energy.

Ask yourself: what gives me energy?

If you spend time and energy on something, you expect it to generate energy. For example at work, friendships or sports. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: some activities cost energy.

Your energy is precious and you can only spend it the right way once. So protect your own energy and ask yourself: "What gives me energy?"

No one else is going to do this for you, so be critical of this. Have you been going to the football club for a few months, because your girlfriends do this too. But do you come home with a heavy and unpleasant feeling every time? Then it might be time to try a different sport.

Discover new morning routines

Good intentions are not enough to make real changes in your life. The point is that these intentions turn into routines. Morning routines are most important. Because how you start your day affects the rest of your day.

Morning routines that provide more energy:

  • Opt for a healthy breakfast;
  • Try to move for at least 15 minutes in the morning;
  • Immediately after waking up, think of 3 things for which you are grateful;
  • Make your bed;
  • A good beauty routine;

Create inner peace

Your energy level is like a battery, at some point you need to recharge. You can do this by having a good night's sleep, but also by building in moments of rest during the day. For example, you can think of mediation.

Meditation is seen as an effective way to reduce stress, sleep better and create peace of mind.

The advantage of mediation is that it only takes 5 to 10 minutes at a time and that you can get your thoughts straight. This creates inner peace and you will notice that you have more energy for work or sports, for example.

Feel good and discover your natural glow!

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