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5 nice Mother's Day gift tips

Mother's Day is a day to put your mother in the spotlight.
A mother can be your own mother, but of course also a bonus mother, a grandmother or a woman in your area who means a lot to you.
To celebrate our mothers, we give you 5 nice Mother's Day gift tips:
High tea
One of the nicest things to give is an experience together.
Doing something together creates beautiful memories and conversations.
For example, do a High tea together: delicious and fun!
Jade gua sha set
With our Jade Gua sha set you give your mother a relaxing moment and a skin-enhancing massage in 1. It is a set with which she can create a new skincare routine.
In addition to the benefits for the skin, such as a reduction of wrinkles, it also provides a natural glow!
derma roller
Handy beauty tools are always nice to have and even nicer to give as a gift.
Our Dermaroller is therefore perfect to give as a gift during Mother's Day.
With our Dermaroller, your mother can perform a relaxing dermarolling treatment, just from home. The result is radiant and smooth skin.
Photo album
Photos are the representations of our memories. You probably have thousands of photos in your mobile, including with your mother. Bundle these photos in a nice photo book.
Sparkling Roses - Rose Facial Oil
Healthy and radiant skin is for everyone!
With our Sparkling Roses you give your mother a natural and effective facial oil.
Rose oil has a calming effect, offers protection, has an anti-aging effect and is rich in vitamins C and E. In short, an ideal gift to surprise your mother with.
We wish everyone a happy Mother's Day!
Feel good and discover your natural glow!
We believe that your true beauty comes from within, your own ''glow''. Together with nature, we create products that give you energy and let you shine, both from the inside and from the outside. Without unnecessary additives, but with the power ingredients from nature.
Discover our natural skin care products and ´´discover your natural glow´´!

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