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5 tips for a professional and natural skincare routine

You want to look fresh and fruity every day; your skin is a big part of that.

Your skin goes through everything every day, so it is important to take good care of your skin and an effective skincare routine can be the solution.

A skincare routine is a daily set of actions around taking care of your skin. You can do this both in the morning and evening. By doing this daily (or weekly), you will see that your skin gets an extra boost and that you are less likely to suffer from skin problems.

In this blog we give you 5 tips for a professional and natural skincare routine. This way you make every day a beautiful day and you are ready to make great memories. Go get it!

  1. Recognize your skin type

Every person is unique and so is every skin. There are different skin types and each skin type has different characteristics and needs. It is wise if your skincare routine matches your skin type.

We can distinguish 5 different skin types; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

You can easily and quickly discover a number of skin types yourself; grab a tissue and press it against your skin. Does the tissue stick and do you see a layer of fat on the tissue? Then you can conclude that you have an oily skin type. If not, you probably have dry or combination skin. If you often see dander on your skin, you probably have a dry skin type.

Are you unsure about your skin type? Then ask your beautician.

  1. Correct cleaning

Always start your skincare routine with proper cleansing. This way you can remove any remaining make-up, dirt and skin flakes. If you do not cleanse your skin properly, the care products cannot do their job effectively and you are more likely to get a greasy, irritated or

Choose a cleaning product that suits your skin type. Dry skin benefits more from a nourishing cleansing milk or oil-based cleanser. While oily or combined skin benefits from a double and more intensive cleaning.

  1. Invest in a good day and night cream

A good day and night cream are essential within a skincare routine. A day cream provides good hydration and protection. Tip; always choose a day cream with SPF, so that your skin is immediately protected against the sun.

A night cream, in turn, provides good nutrition and care after a long day. Your skin can completely reset and relax.

There are many good and affordable natural day and night creams on the market, remember that this is really a must for a good skincare routine.

And don't make the mistake of using a day cream at night, because that is of little use...

  1. Use a serum

Facial serums are becoming more and more popular when it comes to good skin care. We do understand why. Facial serums can be a good way to restore your skin and they can tackle skin problems such as wrinkles, pigment spots and blemishes. In addition, serums give your skin an extra protective layer.

In our range you will find this delicious Rose facial serum which ensures effective calming and recovery of your skin.

  1. Make use of additional grooming tools

In addition to a good skincare routine that you perform daily, it is nice to pamper and care for your skin from time to time.

For example, use a nourishing eye mask or a face mask once a week. These products give your skin just a good boost. And you can also relax yourself 😉

You can also clean your face extra well once a week with a scrub. This ensures that dead skin cells are removed and that pores do not become clogged. This results in a smoother and radiant skin.

Velveux – your partner in a professional skincare routine

We have an assortment with all suitable products for your skincare routine. Discover our eye masks , eye cream and jade roller , among others .

All our products have a positive effect on your skin and therefore your appearance.

Together with the natural skin care products from Velveux you will discover your ''glow'' and get the best out of every day. We have developed a complete skincare routine, it is composed in a unique way, which makes it suitable for every skin type!

Curious? View our range here .

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