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5 benefits of natural skin care

At Velveux we believe that everyone naturally has their own ''glow''. You can strengthen this glow by using good skin care.

When it comes to skin care, you now have a wide choice of variants, brands and types. More and more skin care products are available based on natural ingredients.

But why do you choose natural skin care over ''traditional'' options?

In this blog we give you 5 benefits of using natural skin care.

  1. Pure nature

Natural skin care minimizes the use of synthetic materials, chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and other unnatural products.

Although these ingredients were chosen for years in the beauty industry, research increasingly shows that these ingredients have the opposite effect.

For example, there are several studies that link chemicals and other unnatural ingredients to skin conditions and hormonal disruptions.

With natural skin care you make a safe choice that gives your skin a real boost, without fuss.

  1. Animal friendly

Unfortunately, a lot of testing is still done on animals in the cosmetics industry. Although there is increasing opposition to these practices, there are still many brands sold that do not handle this well.

Skin care based on natural ingredients is generally not tested on animals. That's nice!

  1. Sustainable and good for the world

Our impact on nature is becoming increasingly clear.
The beauty industry is therefore increasingly opting for ingredients from nature and not from animal sources or chemicals. The latter two have a major climate impact.

With natural skin care products, more attention is paid to the impact on nature and natural ingredients are chosen that are naturally abundant, such as nuts.

As a result, the impact is many times lower and you can take care of your skin with peace of mind.

  1. Vegetable oils

Natural skin care often uses vegetable oils. These oils, such as Argan oil and avocado oil, have a positive effect on your skin. They nourish your skin and are quickly absorbed by your skin. This in contrast to other oils that often remain on the skin.

  1. Less chance of an allergic reaction

There are few things more annoying than allergic reactions. Unfortunately, this can sometimes occur with cosmetic products. Over the years it has been found that the chance of this happening is greater with care products based on chemicals and animal ingredients.

With natural skin care products, the chance is smaller, because the ingredients are less likely to be rejected by your body and are better recognized.

Tip: first apply your new cream, make-up or mask to your arm to test whether you react to your new purchase.

Velveux – the power of nature

Our range consists exclusively of natural skincare products. This way you can be sure that you choose the best natural skin care.

We use the power of nature and its special ingredients. For example, we use ingredients such as avocado oil and antioxidants. Would you like to know more about our natural power ingredients? Be sure to also read this blog .

Discover your natural glow!

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