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Incorporation of skin care products

Incorporation of skin care products
The skin is made up of different layers. The outer layer is the horny layer, these are dead skin cells, which contain many fatty substances that should prevent moisture loss. This makes it difficult for substances to penetrate the skin. You can help the skin with this by, for example, stimulating blood flow 

jade roller
Using the jade roller stimulates blood circulation in your face, so that nutrients are better absorbed and waste products are removed more easily. In addition, this has a healing effect, and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Draining moisture
With a massage with a Gua Sha stone, you mainly focus on draining moisture to the side of your face, then to the neck where it is drained by the body. This ensures that the contours of the face become more visible

Rose oil serum
For an extra good effect of this set, it is important to add Vitamin C and E to your routine. You need vitamin C for the production of collagen, it also contributes to the improvement of the skin barrier. Vitamins C and E also protect the skin against UV damage. Vitamin C and E can stabilize the overproduction of melanin and thus suppress pigment spots. Therefore, use Velveux rose oil for the massage.

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