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What are crow's feet / smile lines?

What are crow's feet / smile lines?
From about the age of 30, skin aging will become visible. The crow's feet around the eyes are the first sign of this, from here the skin aging really starts. The crow's feet are the first wrinkles to develop, this is because the skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of the face.

How do wrinkles arise?
The unfortunately well-known crow's feet are therefore an omen of skin aging. But then how does this arise? Let's start with the basics; The skin contains elastin and collagen, which ensures that the skin is elastic and firm. As you get older, the production of these substances decreases. In addition, sebum production and hyaluronic acid production also decreases. This makes the skin drier and less firm. And then wrinkles appear in places that you move and use a lot.

Why the crow's feet arise first.
But why does the misery start with the eyes, you may ask. The skin around the eyes is generally drier and more fragile than the rest of the skin. You also use the muscles near your eyes incredibly often. For example, you already blink about 14,000 times a day. And you also use your eyes while talking, laughing and making different facial expressions. The combination of these factors makes the skin around the eyes extra sensitive to wrinkles and dry lines.

Velveux eye patches are the solution!
Velveux eye patches contain a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and collagen. As you learned earlier in the text, these are the skin's own substances that you will produce less as you get older. You can supplement this with these eye patches. And with regular use, you can slow down and slow down the skin aging around the eyes. Don't wait too long, because prevention is better than cure.

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