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4 reasons for a vegan skincare routine

Your skin is your business card: for yourself and for your environment. Healthy and radiant skin provides more self-confidence and a good feeling. This is possible for everyone with a good skincare routine.
Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to the value of proper care. With many products on the market it can sometimes be difficult to choose... Which ingredients are important? And what does your skin respond best to?
At Velveux we strongly believe in natural and vegan skin care. In this blog we give you 4 reasons to opt for a vegan skincare routine:
Animal welfare
First of all, vegan skincare products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Many people prefer cruelty-free products to contribute to reducing animal suffering and not to support products that violate animal rights.
Less chance of allergies and irritations
Vegan skincare products are often free of common allergens, such as milk, eggs and beeswax, which can be found in some non-vegan products. People with allergies or sensitive skin may benefit from using vegan products to avoid irritations.
More focus on the environment
Vegan skincare products are often more environmentally friendly than products containing animal ingredients. The production of animal ingredients can lead to deforestation, water pollution and other negative environmental impacts. By using vegan products, you reduce your ecological footprint.
Your skin health first
Finally, vegan skincare products often contain natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, herbal extracts and essential oils. These ingredients can nourish, hydrate and condition the skin without the potential downsides of synthetic chemicals found in some non-vegan products.
Together with a team of skin experts, we are constantly looking for the most beautiful natural ingredients to process into skincare products. With this we want to offer vegan skincare to as many people as possible.
Together with mother nature
Our range consists exclusively of natural skincare products. This way you can be sure that you choose the best natural skin care.
We use the power of nature and its special ingredients. For example, we use ingredients such as avocado oil and antioxidants. Would you like to know more about our natural power ingredients? Be sure to also read this blog .
Discover your natural glow!

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